Listen to what the students are saying about Go... Hang Gliding!!!

"This morning I had never even seen a hang glider before. I flew from the practice hill all afternoon. It's a great class. The instructors are really good and they're allot of fun."
"This is way more fun than I had expected. Learning with a group is great. Everyone knows exactly how good it feels to get off the ground. We're all pretty amped."
"I've been flying airplanes for over ten years. I'm learning to hang glide to get a freer sense of flying. I'm having a great time and the flight instruction is top notch."
"The class is awesome. The practice hill gives you the experience you need to fly the mountains, but nothing can prepare you for the sheer joy of doing it."
"I got my sail plane license before learning to hang glide. Hang gliding feels allot more like flying, plus I have the freedom to fly any time the weather permits.