You want to fly. You've always wanted to fly. You've been dreaming of flying like a bird ever since you were a kid. So what are you waiting for? Don't go another day with the belief that free flight can only be achieved by birds. Learn to fly today and realize your dreams. Hang gliders are beautifully engineered, safe, personal aircraft that will allow you soar gracefully and see the world as you've never seen it before.
Hang gliding starts with a couple of hours in the class room. We'll discuss hang gliders and how they work. We'll talk about what you can expect at the practice hill and you'll see a couple short videos of hang gliding in action. The class room will introduce to the basics of free flight and get you ready to be "hands-on" at the practice hill.
The practice hill is where it all happens. The class will be grouped into small teams of two or three. Each team is given a glider to work with and each student will be given a harness and helmet. The glider will be disassembled, so the first thing you'll learn is how to set it up. Then, it's on down to the landing field for ground school. In ground school, you learn to lift the glider, how to hold it, how to move with the glider. After ground school, the only thing left is to learn to fly. We'll move over to the foot of the hill, where you'll take your first steps toward getting off the ground. As the day moves on, you'll move higher up the hill and get progressively longer flights. By the end of the day you will be looking back on one of the most fun and exhilarating experiences of your life. We usually cap off the day at a local Mexican eatery with boisterous talk about your evolution to the next phase in human development - learning to fly!
You'll be spending a bit of time at the practice hill, gaining confidence with the glider and learning how to launch, land, and control the glider in the air. Once you've demonstrated the basic skills, your next step is Pack Saddle Mountain where you'll begin to learn mountain flight. This is what it's all about! From here on, you're gaining the experience you need to be qualified to fly solo in the Texas hill country, and ultimately in hills and mountain ranges all over the world. There's nothing like the feeling of your feet leaving the ground as you fly off to spend an an afternoon soaring the sky over the central Texas hill country. As the sun sets you head for the landing field and watch the stars come out with the guys and gals of the hang gliding community.
Learning is just the beginning. Hang glider pilots enjoy the freedom of flying the most beautiful landscapes in the world. A hang gliding community is a gang of folks who share a common experience like no other. There is nothing like spending a day with flying friends, or getting the gang together to take a flying trip down to Mexico. Fly-ins and competitions offer an opportunity to meet flyers from all over the country, trade stories, and learn from the pros. Hang gliding offers much more than the opportunity to fly like a bird - but then again, when you can fly like a bird... who cares ;-)?