Jeff Hunt
USHGA Certified Advanced Tandem Instructor

Jeff has roots in hang gliding that date back over 20 years. Flying radio controlled model gliders as a kid put him in contact with the hang gliding community, which provided him with access to instruction and equipment. Jeff flew for years at the Murchison training site until maturity allowed him to regularly fly at Packsaddle Mountain and Hippie Hollow.

Jeff's interest in aviation led to a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin in 1987. Jeff worked with Tracor Aerospace until he dedicated himself to being a full time hang gliding instructor and guide.

Jeff's hang gliding school and guide services have grown over the years to include operations in Austin and central Texas as well as northern and southern Mexico with sites in Monterrey and Valle de Bravo.

The many years of teaching in Austin have led to a rewarding growth in the hang gliding community in central Texas, and a circle of close flying friends from all walks of life. Jeff has built a fun loving community around the good times that come with spending a fantastic afternoon soaring with good friends. His senior students continue to return to the practice hill, ready to help out and share great flying stories with the new students.

Jeff was elected Regional Director for Texas and Louisiana and was a member of the United States Hang Gliding Association's board of directors for six years.

Jeff competes nationally and internationally in cross country and speed gliding events and has organized regional and national competitions.